Is Depression Ruining Your Relationships?

Drug Rehab In Columbus OHDepression is a powerful force. When someone becomes depressed as a result of the loss of a loved one, a job, or other life events, they aren't the only ones who suffer. Often their relationships suffer as well. The partners of those who are struggling with depression just want to help their partner through this difficult time, but they want the person they fell in love with to return. The problem is that the road to overcoming depression can be long and complicated. This additional stress on an already strained relationship can cause even more significant bumps in the road. If you need drug rehab in Columbus OH that you can trust in, call Legacy Freedom. We can help you break your addiction problem.

Non-depressed partners may feel confused and anxious. The depressed partner may withdraw, lose interest in sex, and have no interest in social activities whatsoever. They often don't want to talk about what's bother them. Non-depressed partners worry that this will become the new norm in the relationship. This causes even more stress for everyone involved.

Keep ready to learn more about some of the most common ways that depression affects your relationships.

Depression can lead to increased arguing. Short temperedness, nagging, being cynical, and impatience are all manifestations of depression in a relationship. Depression isn't always about being weepy and sad all the time. The feelings of worthlessness and detachment can lead to irritability and negativity. Allow yourself to acknowledge that your mood is impacting your behavior and withdraw from the situation while you evaluate what is really causing you to feel the way you do. Look for different ways to diffuse the situation before it becomes a full-on fight.

Depressed people tend to not take care of themselves. Not getting out of bed, showering or changing out of your pajamas can signal to your partner that you are no longer interested in your appearance or your relationship. The reality is that when you are depressed, these tasks can feel monumental. Weight gain, not getting dressed or not doing your hair is not a reflection of how you feel about your relationship or not caring about your partner's feelings. Acknowledge to your partner that you just aren't feeling like yourself and that you feel overwhelmed by trying to take on these tasks. Permit yourself to wear sweats after you've showered or to do your hair while you sit on the couch. Positive reinforcement from your partner can help you feel like these tasks are possible.

Depression can affect your sex drive. Your mood and your sex drive work together. Feeling depressed can negatively impact your desire for sex. The problem is that sex is typically the thing that helps couples feel closest. Don't force yourself to engage in sex if you aren't feeling it. It could make you feel worse and it can also cause your partner to feel bad about themselves. Instead, focus on creating intimacy with your partner in other ways. Cuddling and watching a movie, taking a bath together or giving each other a massage can help increase the feelings of intimacy between the two of you without sex.

Depression affects every aspect of your relationship. It is important to note that the non-depressed partner is not responsible for curing their partner's depression. You are not a doctor. You are there to love and support your partner. Ultimately seeking treatment and confronting their depression is your partner's responsibility.

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