Depression and First Responders

Columbus, OH depression treatmentWhile everyone else is running away from danger, you are running towards it. After a horrific accident when everyone is too paralyzed with fear to move, you know exactly what to do. The life of a first responder is filled with fight or flight responses every day. Experiencing this constant state of stress takes its toll on the psychological well-being of these brave men and women. As a result of this prolonged exposure to extreme stress, many find themselves struggling with depression. For the best Columbus, OH depression treatment in 2018, trust the pros at Legacy. Call us today to learn more.

Depression can impact your ability to work, eat, sleep, maintain relationships, and find activities that you enjoy. What makes depression so difficult to pinpoint is that it manifests differently in each person.

Symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty sleeping including excessive sleeping, waking early in the morning, and insomnia.
  • Decreased energy or persistent fatigue.
  • Loss of interest in sex.
  • Failing to enjoy activities you previously have enjoyed.
  • Restlessness or irritability.
  • Helpless, worthless, hopeless, or guilty feelings.
  • Feeling empty, anxious, or sad on a regular basis.
  • Thinking about suicide or attempting suicide.
  • Physical distress, headaches, chronic aches, and pains.

Many first responders feel that they have to suck it up and gloss over their feelings after a difficult call or a challenging situation. Admitting that you are struggling with feelings of depression is the first, and most crucial, step towards getting help. You are not alone in these struggles or feelings. A study conducted by the University of Phoenix found that 85% of first responders experience some symptoms related to an ongoing mental health issue.

Columbus, OH Depression Treatment for First Responders

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we know that taking the first step and asking for help is difficult. You don't want to appear weak or be removed from duty, but you also need to manage your mental health. Our staff is here to provide confidential and compassionate care for you. By utilizing a holistic approach to Columbus, OH depression treatment we can help you address the symptoms you are experiencing and get to the root of your depression. Understanding why you feel the way you do is essential in the healing process. Once we know where your depression comes from we can help you learn to cope with the feelings, thoughts, and situations that trigger it.

We believe in treating the whole person, not just your depression. Our staff dietician and physical therapist can help you heal the physical symptoms of depression through diet and exercise. One-on-one talk therapy with your therapist will connect you with new ways to cope with your depression in positive and productive ways. Group therapy gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers and find support and understanding as you work through your depression and any co-occurring mental health issues.

Our clients also have the option to choose from more than ten different alternative treatment methods during their therapy process. From equine-assisted therapy to adventure therapy and inner child work, your care team will help you find the right one for your interests and your treatment goals. Forming new healthy coping mechanisms and learning how to set boundaries for yourself is essential to overcoming your depression and getting back to doing what you love.

Don't let depression control your life. Take back control with a call or a click to connect with the confidential and compassionate mental health treatment you need with Legacy Freedom. Join us next time for more on how depression impacts first responders.

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