More on Depression and First Responders

depression therapy in Columbus, OHOur continuing look at depression in first responders continues with this post focusing on the risk factors for depression that they face. Previously we highlighted the signs of depression that first responders should look for. Depression can be caused by multiple factors including exposure to high-stress situations, trauma, and genetics. If you're a first responder with depression issues, contact Legacy Freedom and ask about our outpatient depression therapy in Columbus, OH.

Risk Factors

The ongoing exposure to trauma and the dangerous work that first responders perform puts them at a higher risk for depression and other trauma related mental illnesses like PTSD or anxiety disorders. A study conducted by the University of Phoenix found that more than one quarter of the first responders in the study group had been diagnosed with depression and that one in ten had been diagnosed with PTSD. Anxiety disorders were present in 46% of the study group. Nearly 40% believed that seeking mental health help would have negative repercussions for them. These repercussions included being passed over for promotions, being viewed as weak, or being treated differently by peers and supervisors.

Trouble at home with a spouse, partner, or children can also put a first responder at risk for depression. When coupled with the long hours and the steady stream of exposure to trauma, the likelihood of developing depression or anxiety is high. Physical injuries sustained on the job can also result in mental health issues for a first responder. Knowing what the signs of depression are and when to ask for help is critical. Unsure if what you're feeling is depression? See our previous post for the warning signs of depression in first responders.

Depression Therapy in Columbus, OH for First Responders

Whether you have struggled with your mental health before or these feelings are new and unfamiliar to you, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Thousands of men and women have turned to us for compassionate and confidential mental health counseling. We know that admitting your struggle with your mental health is difficult. We are here to help you overcome your depression, anxiety, or PTSD, not to judge.

Our holistic approach to depression therapy in Columbus, OH puts you, not your mental illness, at the center of your care. Understanding why you feel the way you do and isolating the root of your depression, PTSD, or anxiety is crucial to helping you learn to cope with and overcome these struggles. We know you want to be out running calls and taking care of others, but now is the time to take care of you.

By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative therapy methods, we can deliver a mental health treatment program unlike any you have ever experienced before. With more than ten different alternative therapies to choose from our care team will help you find the best combination for you. Learning new ways to cope with your feelings positively can have you feeling better than ever.

Don't let depression, anxiety, or PTSD control your life. Take back control with compassionate and confidential mental health care from Legacy Freedom. Getting started is easy. Call or click to chat with our team and begin your treatment. The sooner you call or click, the faster you can return to feeling like your old self.

Let us show you how effective outpatient mental health treatment can be. What are you waiting for? Make the call today!


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