How Depression Affects Your Self-Esteem

Charlotte, NC Depression TreatmentDepression is a difficult illness to cope with. From the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness to the negative thought patterns that accompany the disorder, it doesn't take long before depression takes a swing at your self-esteem. Even the most confident and self-assured people can find themselves feeling less than worthwhile. Whether you are prone to depression or have experienced a significant loss or trauma, depression can affect anyone, anytime. If you need Charlotte, NC depression treatment, call Legacy Freedom for help.

Understanding the impact on your self-esteem is important. Researchers have found compelling evidence that suggests that negative thinking or depressed thinking is the trigger for low self-esteem. Here are some ways you can rebuild your self-esteem when depression has started to take its toll:

  • Do something you love - When you're struggling with depression, it's easy to hide away and not go anywhere or do anything. However, one of the quickest ways to boost your self-esteem is by doing something that you enjoy and are good at. Whether it's playing a game of basketball or taking a painting class, this easy boost is a win for your self-esteem.
  • Find some inspiration - Choose to start your day with something that inspires you. For some, it may be listening to music, reading scripture, or an Instagram account with positive affirmations. Find what works for you and start your day feeling empowered and inspired.
  • See it and believe it - Using visual cues or reminders of your positive mindset throughout your day can be helpful. Positive quotes on your desk or on the background of your phone screen can remind you to keep your positive outlook all day long.
  • Confront your feelings and thoughts head on - When you feel yourself thinking negative things or feeling depressed, stop and ask yourself what is making you feel that way. Are you over tired? Are you upset about something? Are you hungry? Those three things have a large impact on the way our brain functions and responds. By addressing the thoughts head on you may be able to identify the underlying issue and fix it before the mood takes over.
  • Write it down - When you put your negative thoughts on paper, you can look at them and see what they are really about. At the end of the day write down a positive to counter all the negative thoughts and choose to focus on the good in your life.
  • Surround yourself with support - Having positive people around you will do wonders for your self-esteem and your mood. These people see the good in you and aren't afraid to remind you when you have forgotten. This helps create and solidify a pattern of positive thinking.

Quality Charlotte, NC Depression Treatment

These techniques may not work for everyone or every type of depression. If you, or someone you love, are struggling with depression, Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help. We understand depression and the difficulties it presents in your life and the lives of those around you. Our holistic approach to mental health care is unique and focuses on you, rather than your depression.

Through one-on-one therapy and alternative treatments, our staff will help you identify the root of your depression and help you understand how it affects your self-esteem. With more than ten different types of alternative therapies and group and family therapy available, Legacy Freedom offers you a wide range of ways to heal and grow. Depression and low self-esteem don't have to ruin your life. Call or click to connect with us today and begin your healing journey with Charlotte, NC depression treatment that works!

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