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Psychologist in Raleigh, NCWelcome back to our continuing series on delusional disorder. Though this mental health condition is rare, people who suffer from it often become so preoccupied with their delusions that it takes over their lives. As a result, many are trapped into believing these untruths. The impact on relationships and their own well-being can be profound. There are six different types of delusional disorder. Each type has a different focus which can range from a preoccupation with a celebrity to feeling like they are being watched or spied on. If you're suffering from delusions, call a psychologist in Raleigh, NC that you can trust. Call Legacy Freedom.

As a result of these disorders, many people become severely depressed or anxious. The delusions lead them to believe things that are not true. Due to the delusions, one may think that their spouse is cheating on them or that they are being poisoned. Both scenarios are serious enough to elicit an emotional response like anxiety and depression for the person experiencing the delusions.

Acting on these delusions can also cause legal issues. Harassing or stalking behaviors can land the person with the disorder in jail or can cause them to respond violently to the object of their delusions. These instances can further co-occurring mental health concerns like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If the delusions are severe enough, the person may find themselves alienated from friends, family, and co-workers.

Diagnosing delusional disorder can be difficult. The disorder mimics the symptoms of another serious mental illness, schizophrenia. Delusions can also indicate the presence of a severe physical illness, so blood work and physical tests to discern whether the delusions are resulting from a physical issue may be necessary. Once the physical illness has been ruled out, it is important to follow up with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. They will be able to evaluate the signs and symptoms and make a diagnosis of which mental health issue the person is facing.

Delusional disorder is a treatable mental health condition. At Legacy Freedom, we have helped thousands of people overcome their mental illness and find positive ways to cope with the underlying causes of their illness. By combining alternative therapies with traditional talk therapy and group therapy, we create a care plan that is unique to your needs and therapy goals. Our focus is on healing the whole person, not just treating the mental illness.

For more information about the six different types of this disorder, be sure to visit back with our last post.

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