How Debt Impacts Your Mental Health

mental health facilities in Columbus, OHA recent study conducted in the U.K. has linked debt to a significant impact on the mental health of the debtor. While it is no surprise that owing money is stressful, the most revealing results of the study came when researchers began to look at the ways that debt impacts your mental and physical health. Turns out that sick feeling you get when you open the mailbox or check your bank account could be tied to an underlying mental health problem. Just like your bills, if you ignore the problem, it will only get worse. Legacy Freedom is one of the best outpatient mental health facilities in Columbus, OH. Call us today to schedule a visit.

The anxiety that people feel when it comes to handling large bills, paying past due bills, or negotiating for payment plans creates a vicious cycle. By avoiding your finances more, you fuel the financial problems you are already having and create even more anxiety. Some people cope with this stress and anxiety by drinking or abusing drugs. Not only is this not healthy for you, spending money you don't have to spend adds to your financial stresses. Stress from debt has also been linked to the development of eating disorders, panic attacks, and depression.

One of the most interesting facts that researchers discovered was that the amount that people owed didn't seem to matter. For some, having a smaller amount of debt was stressful, while others were stressed by significantly larger amounts of debt. Debt with a purpose, like a mortgage or a car payment, was less likely to be stressful than debt on credit cards or medical bills. Study participants reported feeling hopeless about their bills and their future. These feelings fed into the cycle of anxiety and depression associated with debt.

The stress of having financial difficulties can make people act irrationally. Researchers observed people who ignored letters from creditors and monthly bills by throwing them away, unopened. Avoiding looking at your bank balance or spending indiscriminately has also been tied to significant financial stress. While these methods may be a coping mechanism for someone who is overwhelmed by their debt, these actions may backfire and make the situation worse.

Call A Top Rated Mental Health Facilities in Columbus, OH

Are you struggling with your mental health because of debt? Searching for mental health facilities in Columbus, OH? Legacy Freedom can help. Thousands of people have found relief from their depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and stress in our holistic mental health programs. We know that confronting your creditors, creating a budget, paying bills, and staying on top of your finances is stressful. Learning positive ways to cope with these stressors can help improve both your mental health and your financial situation.

By combining alternative therapies like tai chi, aromatherapy, and EMDR with traditional talk and group therapy, Legacy Freedom Columbus delivers a mental health care experience that treats the whole person, not just your mental illness. Focusing on nutrition, physical well-being, emotional awareness, and mental health helps you heal your mind, body, and spirit. No matter how far off track things have gotten or how defeated you may feel, we can help. Our caring and compassionate staff is ready to connect with you and create a care plan that is tailored to your needs and treatment goals.

Stop avoiding your financial problems and letting your mental health suffer. Call or click to connect with confidential mental health counseling today! Take back control with Legacy Freedom.

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