Dealing With Triggers This Holiday Season

Dealing with triggers this holiday season might be your worst nightmare come to life. However, there are ways to handle triggers that come with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Below, you’ll find information that should help you.

Dealing With Triggers | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

  • Though the holidays are a time for happiness and thankfulness, it can also be a time of depression. Family or friends that have passed away, overwhelming despair and even the cold, dreary weather can cause depression for many. The sadness can lead to a relapse quickly, if not handled in the right way.
  • Are you working too hard to make everything perfect for the upcoming holiday? If so, you’ll become too tired and exhausted. When that happens, we tend to forget how important taking care of ourselves is. Good nutrition and exercise fall by the wayside and overall health, mentally and physically, suffers. Don’t let exhaustion get you down this holiday season. Pace yourself and take time out to care for your well-being.
  • You might be irritated about new traditions, old traditions or that no one is helping you plan the holidays. You might be frustrated that no one understands your recovery and that you need more support than ever during the holidays. Remember that you won’t always get your way, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have support or loved ones that care about you. Talk through your frustration and allow them to help when they can.
  • Self-Pity – Whether you’re depressed about not being able to drink for fear it will cause a trigger or feeling like a victim because no one understands your recovery or addiction, self-pity can be a serious trigger that might hit you before you know it. Be sure to stay positive. Don’t let the blues get you down, no matter what is causing them.
  • Stress – This is a serious trigger that many people have trouble avoiding during the holidays. If you're in charge of a holiday meal or have to buy tons presents for family and friends, you might be dealing with stress. Those that are worried about their recovery are stressed as well. Take time to relax during the holidays. Don't let stress be the reason you ruin your productivity in recovery. Talk walks, exercise, get a massage or go out to dinner during busy times of the year to help relieve the stress.

Don’t forget that no matter what old traditions are, you have options. Spending time with family is nice when it’s easy to handle and doesn’t make you think of drinking alcohol. But, when you’re emersed in drama and stress, it’s hard to remember your recovery. Step away from the situation and make the best choice for yourself. Supportive family will understand if you don’t make it to the traditional holiday meal.

Things to Consider| Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

  • Avoid Family – If you used to find yourself drinking because of time spent with family and the drama that can sometimes come with it, avoid the situation altogether. You will be missed, but supportive family will understand your decision to stay at home. For those that have a cousin or uncle that lead to drinking during the holidays, go to the dinner but stay away from them as much as possible. Enlighten another family member of your predicament and allow them to help keep you distracted and distant.
  • Be Realistic – You should keep in mind that the holiday meal with be stressful. You should also remind your family of that, as well. Things won’t be perfect. You will be worried about your sobriety and you might have to change in order to deal with things in a positive way.
  • Skip Traditions – You might have set traditions you and your family follow every year. That means dredging up old memories and habits, drinking away the holiday at grandma’s house are front and center. Consider, instead, changing things up this year. Invite everyone to your house, or have another family member host the dinner if possible. Those that support you will do whatever it takes to ensure you don’t go against your recovery process by triggering thoughts of drinking alcohol or using drugs.

You’re going to need a great deal of support this holiday season if you want to continue with recovery. Be open and honest about your concerns and lean on supportive family to help you deal with triggers. If you can’t work through them, avoid them. You have that option. Those that don’t respect your decision to remove yourself from a situation that might lead you to drinking or using drugs isn’t someone you should trust yourself around during this time. Whatever the choice, make sure it’s the best one for you.

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