Dealing with a Breakup as a Single Parent

Depression Therapy in Charlotte, NCDealing with a breakup as a single parent is challenging. Not only does it impact you and your emotions but it may affect your children as well. Whether you were together for months or years the sudden feelings of abandonment, depression, and loneliness can swallow you whole. Coping with a breakup requires extra time and attention for yourself and your kids.

Here are some ways you can navigate a breakup when you're alone. If you need affordable depression therapy in Charlotte, NC, that really works, call Legacy now!

  • Focus on your kids - Chances are that your kids see that you're sad or upset. They may be asking lots of questions about what's wrong or why your former partner isn't coming around. When this happens, answer their questions and then turn the focus to them. Tackle a project or craft together, go for a bike ride, see a movie, build a fort, anything to keep their focus, and yours, from dwelling on the person who isn't around.
  • Lean on your friends - Meet a friend for lunch, hit the gym or take a class together. Let them be the shoulder you cry on. Your friends have gotten you through worse situations; hanging with them can help you put things back intoh
  • Don't rebound - As tempting as it is to get back out there, when you're a single parent, you don't have the luxury of bouncing from one person to the next. Instead, focus your energy on resolving the issues from this relationship and resetting before you think about dating again.
  • Focus on the positive - Things may not have worked out the way you wanted them to, but maybe you found out about that great sushi place because of your ex, or you have a fun new family tradition of Saturday morning breakfast walks. Find the good that they brought to your life and move on.

Outpatient Depression Therapy in Charlotte, NC

If you're still struggling with the breakup weeks or months later, you could be suffering from depression. Many times breakups bring back painful memories, and you end upĀ feeling stuck, worthless or hopeless. While it is okay to acknowledge those feelings and work through them, it's not okay to let them chase you back into bed for days.

At Legacy Freedom Charlotte, we understand depression and what it's like to live with it each and every day. Our highly trained staff specializes in helping you manage your depression and reclaim your life. Through our holistic approach to mental health, we help you heal mind, body, and spirit. One-on-one counseling sessions help you identify the root of your depression, while support groups connect you with your peers to form a support network outside our outpatient facility.

Depression can hurt. Our staff physical therapist and dietician work with you to ensure that your body is being nourished and exercised properly. Diet and exercise are crucial when it comes to beating depression. Alternative therapies like equestrian therapy, adventure therapy and yoga help you focus, learn new coping skills and how to set healthy boundaries.

Stop letting your depression control your life. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom now to learn more about our outpatient programs for depression therapy in Charlotte, NC!


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