Drugs: The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry

Drug Rehab in RaleighThe fashion industry seems glamorous and exciting, but behind the beautiful models and cutting edge clothing, there is a hotbed of drug activity. Fashion is considered a party industry, and what party is complete without drugs?

Not all who are in the fashion industry use drugs, but there have been many reports over the years that drug use is rampant among models, designers and stylists. In 2005, model Kate Moss was photographed snorting cocaine at a club. Designer Donatella Versace announced in 2005 that she gave up cocaine after using it for 18 years. Her family and friends planned an intervention because they knew it was a problem she needed to address.

Unfortunately, when you are in an industry that turns a blind eye to drug use, or even in some cases, could encourage it, it’s hard to break free without the help of someone on the outside. Model Sophie Anderton said in an interview with the Independent back in 2005, “Drugs are so accessible within the industry, and it is very difficult to steer completely clear of them.”

She gave up cocaine a year before the interview, and has found that she has become happier. She knows the pressures to stay thin are why models turn to drugs like cocaine, which suppresses the appetite. If you have a loved one suffering from substance abuse, get them the help they need. Call Legacy Freedom and ask about our outpatient programs for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC.

The Dark Side of Fashion Modeling

Cocaine is one of the most common drugs used in the fashion industry, and not just among models. Designers and others working in fashion often have long days where they’re required to work 12 hour shifts, then attend parties late into the night and have another early morning of work. In the Independent, an insider source said cocaine is used, “like truck drivers do – to stay awake and keep working.”

Cocaine is usually snorted and the effects can last up to 30 minutes, so it is often used repeatedly in order to keep the high going. Taking that much in a short period of time can cause someone to become addicted quickly. It also creates a higher tolerance for it, so more is needed in order to get the same feeling. This snowball effect can cause people to become addicted quickly and increase the amount they use over a short period of time.

Most models start working at a young age when their bodies are still developing. They may be naturally thin because they are tall, but as they start to fill out they can gain weight. It’s well-known that models are preferred to be thinner than an average woman, so they may feel pressure to keep the weight off. Cocaine is often their drug of choice because it suppresses appetite.

Cocaine is also a popular choice because it gives the user a burst of energy. It’s not only the models who are suffering through long work days. The photographer, designer, stylists and other people on set or working on a fashion show have to find a way to keep going. The drug stimulates the central nervous system by releasing dopamine, which floods the brain with a surge of pleasant feelings and energy. If someone you care about has a cocaine problem, call Legacy Freedom. We can help with affordable drug rehab in Raleigh NC.

Drug Rehab in RaleighHeroin has been on the rise in the U.S. among regular people, so its use in the fashion industry should not be a shock. It gives the user a calm, peaceful feeling and is often used to subdue pain, so it’s probably not used in the same situations as cocaine. Working long hours while on heroin may not make a person productive. However, after a long day of work, heroin can help one to relax.

In some cases, it could be used if a model has to keep one pose for a long period of time because it can help ease the pain of staying in one position for hours.

Liz Hurley, an actress and former model, said in an interview with the Daily Mail that she wouldn’t be surprised to learn that heroin use was rampant among models. While she thinks the more successful models probably aren’t because of the demands of the job, she could see how lesser known and up and coming models could use drugs to help them stay thin.

In the 1990s, there was a “heroin chic” trend where all the models were extremely thin. Model Kate Moss was one of the most famous of the waif models. Do you have a problem with heroin? Legacy Freedom can help with the best drug rehab in Raleigh.

Prescription Pills
Pills for anxiety, pain and sleep disorders are often abused. If someone uses cocaine all day and needs to unwind, he or she may turn to opioids or sleep aids to relax or go to sleep. Prescription pills can be easier to get because they are legal when prescribed by a doctor, so some people in the fashion industry may prefer them over cocaine, which is illegal.

Stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall, which are given to people with attention deficit disorders, are popular because they can help a person to stay focused and more alert, while also suppressing appetite. They can have the same effects as cocaine but can be obtained through legal means in some cases. They also will not cause physical issues such as bloody or red noses the way long term cocaine use can. For models in particular, it’s important not to show any signs of drug use, especially if they are trying to book shows with well-known companies who would not want to be associated with drugs.

Not all who are in the fashion industry use drugs, but many in the industry have admitted to seeing it or doing it themselves. According to the Independent, drugs can be as common as champagne and hors d’oeuvres at parties, and that some people stand around back stage doing cocaine in the same way people in an office would drink coffee.

Unfortunately, the stigma of using drugs in that industry isn’t as harsh so people are less likely to feel ashamed or even be punished for it. Kate Moss, the model caught snorting cocaine on camera in 2005, lost several of her contracts with large companies, but a 2011 Huffington Post article noted that her earnings have doubled since the incident.

Holistic Drug Rehab in Raleigh | Legacy Freedom

At Legacy Freedom Treatment Center we offer a holistic approach to recovery. We want you to live life without a crutch for your addiction. That is one of the main reasons we do not use drugs to treat a drug problem. Our programs for substance abuse really work and we have the personal journey stories from real patients to back them up. If you are ready to get the help you deserve - if you are ready to finally make a positive step toward sobriety call us today. We offer alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC and all surrounding areas.

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