Dangers of Being a College Drug Dealer

Drug Rehab in Wilmington NCIt's no secret that the cost of attending college has risen significantly. Fewer families are able to afford to send their children to college so many students are taking responsibility for tuition payments into their own hands. More and more students are relying on loans to pay for school. On any given day, on college campuses across the country, you can score weed, prescription medication or other drugs. Most likely the person who will sell these to you isn't some shady local, it's the kid from down the hall. What makes selling drugs on campus attractive? It's easy money. For help with addiction or relapse, call Legacy Freedom. We offer holistic drug rehab in Wilmington NC.

The problem is that while selling some weed or pills may seem like easy money the consequences for being caught are substantial. Still, students take the risk to make some spending money, pay for books, or subsidize their tuition. Drug abuse is a big problem on college campuses today. One study estimates that by the time a student is a sophomore they have had the chance to abuse a prescription drug. The most abused prescription drug on college campuses today is Adderall.

Designed to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Adderall is a powerful stimulant. Ninety percent of the college students who used it last year did so for non-medical reasons. Need to study for a test? Got a last minute paper due? Pop some Adderall. The students who are using this high-powered drug to cram for that test are likely to be:

  • non-medical users of prescription tranquilizers or cocaine
  • a routine marijuana user
  • non-medical users of prescription pain medications
  • binge drinkers or heavy alcohol users

Getting a script for Adderall on campus is as easy as going to the health center or chatting up your family doctor before you leave for school. Adderall prescription in hand, many students turn around and sell the medication for several dollars per pill. Making a quick buck off a renewable supply is like guaranteed spending money every month.

While this sounds like a quick and easy way to make some cash, many students are taking a serious gamble with their education. Many schools have strict discipline policies which call for expulsion or suspension from school for drug-related charges. Before you trade in your job running pizzas for Domino's or filing books at the library there are some serious consequences to consider:

  • Drug convictions are most often felonies. Having a felony on your record can affect your ability to get financial aid. A student's eligibility to receive federal financial aid may be suspended if the offense occurred while they were receiving federal grants, loans, or were on a work-study program. Students may also be required to return any money they received during a period of ineligibility.
  • Many drug dealers become addicts. Nearly eighty percent of those incarcerated for drug offenses are drug addicts themselves. Approximately ninety-five percent of those who are arrested for drug offenses return to drug use after they have been released from incarceration. More than half of inmates who were jailed on drug charges were rearrested within a year of release.
  • Finding a job will become challenging. Many employers run extensive background checks when hiring a new employee. Many employers have policies against hiring felons or anyone with a drug conviction on their record.
  • Renting a house, getting a car loan or even a credit card may be impossible. Many lenders will consider you high risk or not even extend credit because of a criminal record. In some states, landlords are unable to rent to people with certain types of criminal histories if the home is in a school zone or near a house of worship.

You may not be worried about the long-term consequences now. For many, selling drugs on campus can seem like a relatively low key way to make money for your phone bill or textbooks. The reality is that when you're a dealer, many aspects of your life change. When you deal, you are constantly on call. Forget having time to study or enjoy the money you're making. You are always dropping off drugs, picking up more, and trying to stay sober enough to remember who owes you money or where you're supposed to be next. None of that lends itself to making it to class on time, being able to study, or enjoying any of the college experience. Also, consider supply and demand. Is it worth your time to skip class to go to the health center to get a prescription for Adderall to make an extra $50 each month? If the market on campus is saturated, you're going to have to charge less. Then how much are you actually making?

Time and money considerations aside, dealing drugs can be extremely dangerous. Sure handing out pills to frat boys and your roommate's buddy doesn't sound too bad. When you start getting called off campus, buying larger quantities, and interacting with other people in the drug game suddenly you're dealing with individuals who are much more dangerous and have much less to lose than you do. You are dealing face to face with people who might rob you or kill you to get what they need. Is it really worth risking your life just so that you can buy that textbook new?

Slinging some Adderall or weed may seem like a quick and easy way to make a buck, but when you stop to consider all the consequences and impacts that it can have on your life, the allure may disappear. If you have found yourself addicted to drugs or alcohol, Legacy Freedom of Wilmington can help.

Holistic Drug Rehab in Wilmington NC For College Students

Using a holistic approach to drug rehab in Wilmington NC helps put the focus of your treatment plan on you, not your addiction. Every client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help them reconnect with the goals and passions that have been put on hold as a result of addiction. Combining one-on-one therapy and group therapy allows you to identify the root of your addiction and begin to heal. Whether you drink or use to overcome low self-esteem, escape painful memories, or treat an undiagnosed mental health condition, our highly trained staff can help you create a care plan that fits your needs.

We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices. That's why Legacy Freedom uses an staff dietician and physical therapist to help you heal the damage from your addiction. Helping you live a healthy and purpose-driven life is one of the greatest focuses of our care team here at Legacy Freedom.

With more than ten alternative Wilmington drug rehab therapies to choose from, there is something for everyone. Your care team and Life-Purpose coach will help you choose the therapies that fit your needs and pique your interests. Whether you choose equine therapy, adventure therapy or acupuncture, you will learn how to express yourself, set new boundaries and process old traumas.

Don't let your addiction compromise your education. The help you need is waiting at Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect today!



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