Dangers of Chronic Relapsing

Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NCWelcome back to our continuing look at relapsing. In our previous post we looked at the reasons that many addicts relapse during their treatment process. Whether they were forced into treatment by well-meaning friends or family members or they are unable to make their recovery a priority in their own lives, relapsing is a normal set back in the journey towards sobriety. However, some addicts are chronic relapsers. These people are often caught up in the revolving door syndrome. Gaining their sobriety and then relapsing repeatedly can also be a sign that the addict is ambivalent about their sobriety. If you constantly relapse and need help with substance abuse, call Legacy. We offer affordable outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC.

An addict who is ambivalent about their sobriety has a dangerous mindset about their addiction. While the addict may know and understand that it is best for them to maintain a sober lifestyle and remove themselves from the friends and acquaintances that use, they struggle to do so. Many addicts who are ambivalent about their sobriety relish the freedom and the relief that using to excess gives them. Continually being torn between these desires can lead to revolving door behaviors and dangerous relapses. For those who use to excess and seek sobriety frequently, the most significant danger they face upon returning to their substance of choice is the risk of overdose. As an addict continues to use, they need more and more of a drug or alcohol to get the same buzz or high as before. Addicts who have detoxed and then return to their drug of choice often assume that they can use the way they did before. What most fail to realize until it's too late is that the amount they had used previously may now have fatal consequences. Overcoming ambivalence about recovery is crucial to reducing the dangers of overdose by those trapped in the revolving door.

Once a newly sober addict leaves their treatment program and begins to live life away from the constant focus on sobriety the best way to prevent a dangerous relapse and overdose is to find support in some form. For many newly sober addicts, support comes from attending group therapy sessions or from their family, friends or clergy. Research has shown that focusing on sobriety and actively receiving treatment for 90 days greatly increases the addict's chances of staying sober. However, without a plan in place to provide the support and focus an addict needs, the likelihood of relapse is dangerously high. If you need help forming an addiction action plan, Legacy Freedom can help. We offer the best drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC.

Tolerances for drugs quickly diminish when the brain and the body have not been exposed to the substance for a period of time. As a result, a relapsing addict is at higher risk for an overdose when multiple drugs are used. Street drugs often vary significantly in their potency. When mixed with alcohol or prescription drugs or both they lead to higher rates of death from overdose. Those who have overdosed in the past or who use alone are also at a greater risk of an overdose during a relapse.

Choosing to stay focused on your sobriety is one of the best ways to avoid a dangerous relapse. Staying focused on your goal can help you avoid being triggered by situations, people, and places that used to lead you to use. Avoiding relapse triggers like tiredness, hunger, loneliness, and anger is particularly crucial for those who are newly sober. Maintaining a confident and open-minded approach to your sobriety is vital for your long-term success.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NC You Can Count On!

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh offers you a chance to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol through a holistic approach to substance abuse. For those who have become addicted to oxycontin, Legacy Freedom offers Medication Assisted Treatment, which combines suboxone treatments with our holistic approach to help you overcome your addiction. By treating the whole person, and not just the addiction to drugs or alcohol, Legacy Freedom helps you heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Every client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help unlock forgotten passions and talents that have been unreachable because of your addiction. Together with your care team, you will create a treatment plan that focuses on your recovery needs and personal interests. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, Legacy Freedom begins your healing journey by focusing on your physical needs. Our staff dietician and physical therapist will help you start to heal through proper nutrition, diet, and exercise. We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices.

One-on-one talk therapy offers you a traditional approach to get to the root of your addiction. Understanding why you choose to abuse drugs or alcohol is crucial for your recovery. Whether you use to numb the pain of an abusive childhood or relationship, self-medicate to help yourself cope with an undiagnosed mental health condition, or to overcome low self-esteem, our therapists can help you get to the root of your addiction. Group therapy allows you to connect with your peers for support and encouragement as you work towards your sobriety. Forming bonds with those who are working towards restoring their health and maintaining a sober lifestyle can help you stay sober while you are away from our outpatient facility. Group therapy can also be used to educate friends, family and loved ones about how to support you in your journey towards sobriety.

With more than ten alternative therapies to choose from at Legacy Freedom, there is sure to be something that sparks your interest and helps you meet your recovery goals. Setting healthy boundaries, uncovering painful memories and learning new coping skills are all benefits of utilizing these alternative therapies. Equine assisted therapy, inner child therapy, tai chi, yoga, and acupuncture are just some of the options our clients have to choose from.

Legacy Freedom is not a twelve step program. No matter how many times you have tried to stop using, how often you have overdosed, or what your drug of choice is, we can help. Stop letting your addiction control you and put you at risk for a dangerous relapse. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom or Raleigh NC today!


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