Coping with Thanksgiving Without Drinking

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCThe holidays have arrived. Between the stress of travel and family tensions you may be feeling more than ready for an escape. When you are working on staying sober for the holidays, coping with these stresses may be difficult and challenge your willingness to stay sober. Having a plan for the holiday festivities can help you not only survive the holiday without drinking but actually enjoy it as well. Sobriety requires a deep commitment to yourself. Before you catch that flight or hop in the car to make the trip over the river and through the woods, make sure to take time to put your priorities in order. Revisit the reasons you have to stay sober and what maintaining your sobriety means to you. When you have things in perspective, it is more difficult for you to become tempted to deviate from your sobriety. If you need help with addiction, call Legacy Freedom for quality drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC.

Avoiding stressful situations can help you stay true to your recovery. Stress is one of the most significant triggers for newly sober addicts. Between travel delays, family tensions, holiday financial strain, and the pressure of maintaining sobriety, many addicts feel particularly vulnerable and frustrated.

Talking about your sobriety with your family can also be incredibly stressful. Undoubtedly you will face questions about why you are not drinking. Well-meaning family members or loved ones may inquire about whether you are in recovery or how long you have been sober. While these questions are meant to be supportive, they can feel intrusive and awkward. Many addicts feel ashamed of their past behavior at holiday gatherings and may feel like they should avoid events altogether. For quality holiday drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC, let Legacy Freedom help. Call today to learn more.

While talking about your addiction may be uncomfortable, you may find that once family members find out that you are in recovery they are incredibly supportive and encouraging. Telling your loved ones kindly and firmly that you are uncomfortable discussing the details of such a private affair should be enough to keep them from asking meddling or difficult questions. If the situation becomes too painful or too stressful, know that it is okay for you to leave. Keep the numbers of a few sober and supportive friends close by so that you can call on them if you need to throughout the day. If you're struggling but unable to break away from the group, start a text chain with your support people. More than likely, someone will be checking their phone and can jump in to provide feedback and reassurance. If you have a substance abuse problem, get affordable Wilmington alcohol rehab with Legacy Freedom.

Another trigger for many newly sober addicts is unrealistic expectations at the holidays. Be honest with yourself about what you can expect from your family and the family dynamic that you are going to be a part of during the Thanksgiving season. Staying focused on your feelings and controlling your reactions to them is the best way to navigate these challenging times with your family. Finding ways to cope during these times can be difficult. Instead of struggling and endangering your sobriety, opt for one of these tried and true ways to cope:

Hang out with the kids: Chances are your nieces, nephews, and the other young members of your family aren't going to be hassling you about not drinking or using drugs. Instead, they will be overjoyed that there is an adult who wants to toss the football around in the backyard, play board games, or climb trees. Putting yourself in charge of the kids keeps you out of the line of fire and it also helps earn you big brownie points with the parents who don't have to worry about their kids.

Put yourself to work: Dishes don't wash themselves and leftovers don't put themselves away. Need to escape the heat? Head to the kitchen. It's easy to avoid temptations and meddling Aunt Gertrude if you're busy in the kitchen. Get your loudmouth cousin to talk about her latest Pinterest obsession while you wash or wrap. Taking your mind off the stress and temptations of the day can be just the right amount of distraction. Need to get some fresh air? Take the dog for a walk or talk an after-dinner stroll with an older relative you haven't seen in awhile.

Excuse yourself early: Maybe those Black Friday sales are calling your name, or you're just tired of listening to your uncle tell the same joke over and over again. Whatever the reason, once you have made an appearance you are not required to stay and spend hours sitting on the couch surrounded by your family. Heading for home to relax and refocus can be helpful after a stressful day with family. If you feel like being alone may be a trigger for you to use or drink, make plans with a sober friend to join them at their Thanksgiving celebration or to accompany them on their shopping adventure.

The Thanksgiving holiday doesn't have to be a stressful event. By planning ahead and managing your expectations you can navigate the challenges that lay ahead from both well-intentioned relatives and holiday party temptations. Remember that protecting your sober state is more critical than enduring countless hours of lectures or enduring stressful conversations with other party attendees. When in doubt, have a plan for support and be able to exit if you feel you need to.

Holiday Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NC

At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we understand that the holidays are packed with stress and that maintaining your sobriety can be a challenge. Whether you are newly sober or have been sober for awhile but are feeling yourself slip, we can help. We proudly offer drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC which provides a comprehensive approach to healing your mind, body, and spirit.

Your addiction doesn't have to overshadow your holidays. Call or click to connect with our care team today. Let our compassionate and knowledgeable staff help you make it through Thanksgiving sober.

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