Coping with Holiday Anxiety

ADHD therapy in Columbus, OHAs the holiday season approaches, many people begin to feel overwhelmed by all the parties, plans, and expectations that go along with this time of year. Many people who struggle with anxiety find themselves hiding tears in the bathroom of the shopping mall orĀ  family gathering. Others become stressed out by their chaotic schedule or the feelings of loneliness that are prevalent this time of year.

Here are some of the most common holiday anxiety triggers. If you need anxiety or ADHD therapy in Columbus, OH, call Legacy Freedom.

Extra Large Crowds
During the holiday season even a quick trip to the grocery store can be overwhelming for those who have anxiety. Endless circling for parking, the blaring holiday music, and the larger than usual crowds can leave an anxious person looking for a place to hide or feeling angry and frustrated. Instead of focusing on the mile long line at the cash register or being annoyed with the slow senior in front of you choose to find humor or kindness in the scene around you. Ask yourself exactly what is frustrating you and making you anxious. These temporary inconveniences are part of the holiday season. Take the extra time you spend waiting in line or looking for parking to notice the sights and sounds of the holiday season. Soon they will be gone for another year.

The Too Full Calendar
Juggling your child's holiday program, end of year deadlines at work, holiday parties, and family gatherings may have you feeling overwhelmed before December even hits. The key to overcoming this holiday anxiety is to be mindful of which events you must attend or want to participate in. You can always say no to those gatherings that you don't enjoy or to participating in events that aren't an essential part of your holiday celebration. Choosing to skip these activities can help reduce your stress and allow you to spend more time with family or taking care of those last minute gift needs.

Less Than Perfect Holidays
Picture perfect holiday advertisements, cards, and social media posts can make you feel more like Scrooge than you would like to admit. Setting ridiculously high standards for what your holiday season should look like is the surest way to end up disappointed. Being realistic about your holiday and focusing on what is truly important to you during the holiday season can help you ensure that your holiday leaves you feeling the joy and wonder of the season despite the imperfections.

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Anxiety and ADHD Therapy in Columbus, OH

If your anxiety persists after the ball has dropped in Times Square and the last of the decorations have been packed away, it may be time to call Legacy Freedom of Columbus OH. Our expert staff understands that anxiety has the power to control and distort even the happiest times. Together with our care team, you will utilize our holistic approach to mental health care to learn new ways to cope with your anxiety and to get to the root of your anxious feelings.

By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom's mental health team focuses on you and the co-occurring disorders like depression or PTSD that are making it difficult for you to overcome your anxiety. With more than ten alternative treatment options available, our staff will help you select the best therapy path for you.

Stop letting your anxiety control you and take the joy from your life. Let our caring and compassionate team help you on your journey to healing. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom to learn more about our anxiety and ADHD therapy in Columbus, OH!

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