Companies That Give Back to the Mental Health Community

Did you know there are a number of different ways to give back to the mental health community? That's right. Below, you will find several ways to do so. Searching for holiday depression therapy in Asheville, NC ? Call Legacy Freedom now for help.

Candle Warmers Etc. partners with the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI). They offer 20% of all retail sales to NAMI during the month of May. This is great for Mother's Day gifts and those who have birthdays within the month. It's also a good time to stock up on gifts for the rest of the year. Purchasing from this company will ensure that you are helping the mental health community.

Philosophy is another company give that gives back through retail sales. This well-being beauty brand partners with NAMI and helps lead the stigmafree campaign. They also give back 1% of all sales all year long.

Amazon is a popular place to shop online. By visiting, you can find links to give back to the organization. They will receive up to 8% of your purchase without it costing anything more for you. All you have to do is be sure to visit the link above to ensure you use the right links for giving back.

For people who are in the UK or are able to purchase from them internationally, the Sad Ghost Club takes all of their proceeds and donate them to help find mental health workshops in and around the UK.

In Australia, a greeting card company has started designing cards for individuals who suffer from mental illness. These cards are specially designed to make their holidays brighter. The Australian company Hope Street Card will ship internationally. 10% of all of their holiday card profits go to a nonprofit organization called Black Dog Institute.

We Are Lions is a store that offers T-shirts, pillows, phone cases and more designed by artists who suffer from mental illness. 50% of all proceeds go back into the mental illness community.

Of course, rather than purchasing items from companies, you can also donate time or money to any mental health organization. Depending on your location, where you live, and what organization you're most fond of, this might be a better option. For more information on how to give back, do a quick Internet search. You'll find more info there!

If you're looking for a gift this holiday season, consider purchasing from one of the companies above. You'll not only be purchasing great gifts, but you're also be giving back to a very important community.

Holiday Depression Therapy in Asheville, NC

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