Childhood Cancer and Mental Health Link

therapy in Columbus, OHA Danish study recently found that adults who were treated for childhood cancer are more likely to be treated for mental health disorders later in life. Those who were diagnosed with cancer before the age of 10 were the most likely to be treated for a mental illness. Female pediatric cancer survivors had a 26% increased risk, while male survivors had a 50% increased risk of developing a mental illness. For mental health therapy in Columbus, OH, please call Legacy Freedom.

Chemotherapy Link
There has long been speculation that chemotherapy drugs and the development of psychiatric disorders later in life are related somehow. More severe psychiatric disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia have been observed in those who have beaten pediatric cancer. Even more, survivors struggle with the mental health disorders that come from living in isolation and trauma during their early childhood years.

Anxiety and Depression
The two most commonly observed mental health disorders later in life for those who underwent childhood cancer treatments are anxiety and depression. Considering the findings of this Danish study, many hospitals are introducing psychological counseling as part of theirĀ  cancer treatments for children.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
A separate study conducted by the University of Philadelphia at the Children's Hospital of Philidelphia found that 20% of the young adults who survived childhood cancer met all the criteria to be diagnosed with PTSD. Adult survivors were fearful of their cancer returning and experienced intense physical and emotional responses to the smells, sights, and sounds associated with the hospital setting.

Quality Mental Health Therapy in Columbus, OH

Are you struggling with your mental health as a result of surviving childhood cancer? You are not alone. Thousands of other childhood cancer survivors are struggling with PTSD, depression, and anxiety as a result of their traumatic medical treatment during childhood. Living with these mental health challenges and trying to cope with the sadness, worry, fear, anger, and worthlessness that many adult survivors feel can be crippling. Stop letting mental illness impact your life. Take back control with holistic mental health care from Legacy Freedom Columbus. Thousands of clients have found positive and healthy ways to cope with their feelings of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Together with our staff, you will create a plan of care that focuses on your needs and treatment goals, not just your mental illness. We believe in treating the whole person. We offer you access to a dietitian and physical therapist to help you heal the physical impacts of your mental illness so that you can focus on getting to the root of your depression, anxiety or PTSD. Knowing why you feel the way you do and understanding the thought patterns and situations that make you feel bad is key to overcoming these feelings and developing positive coping mechanisms.

By combining one-on-one talk therapy with alternative treatments, Legacy Freedom offers our clients a complete approach to their mental health care needs. With more than ten different alternative therapies to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone. Available therapies include inner child work, equine-assisted therapy, tai chi, and more.

Stop letting your physical and mental health suffer. Call or click today to connect with caring and confidential mental health treatment from Legacy Freedom. Take control of your life today with the best mental health care therapy in Columbus, OH!

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