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Commonly Overdosed Substances

Believe it or not, the most commonly overdosed substance can be found in a medicine cabinet or in a drug store. People overdose on over-the-counter medicines (OTC) more often than prescription or illegal drugs because they’re the most widely available. An overdose occurs when someone takes a dose of a drug that the body can’t…
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How to Prevent an Overdose

In 2012, 41,502 people died of a drug overdose. That number increases every year. Drug overdoses are preventable if we can educate the public about the dangers of drug use and encourage addicts to get help by reducing the stigma surrounding substance abuse treatment. International Overdose Awareness Day was created to educate people about this…
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What Is an Overdose?

An overdose occurs when someone takes too much of a substance and their body can’t process it. These substances include alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and illegal drugs. There are several factors that determine a person’s tolerance to overdose, including age, health and how the drug was ingested. If more than one drug is in…
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International Overdose Awareness Day

International Overdose Awareness Day, a global event held on August 31, aims to raise awareness of deaths due to a drug-related overdose. It’s an opportunity to remember loved ones who have died as a result of an overdose and a chance to educate the public about this preventable tragedy. In 2012, there were over 40,000…
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