Is the Body Positive Movement Changing the Way Women Feel About Themselves?

Psychologist in Raleigh, NCStudies show that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. A recent movement is trying to change the way that women see their bodies. As a result, a definite shift has taken place in the way women talk about their bodies and they are embracing their flaws. The body positivity movement is focused on accepting yourself for who you are. While the positive body movement isn't promoting plus size women or demeaning regularly sized women, the majority of the women who have led this change are plus sized. The focus has become less about focusing on what is imperfect or not enough and more on repairing the relationship you have with yourself and loving your body. If you need a psychologist in Raleigh, NC call Legacy Freedom.

Loving your body isn't just about loving your physical body, it's about loving yourself on the inside, too. Women are taking to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs to chronical the ways they are learning to love themselves. From recovering from eating disorders to embracing post-baby bodies, the movement focuses on loving the skin you're in. For many women who have struggled with their weight or developed a negative inner self-monologue with themselves because of their appearance, body positive bloggers and influencers can help them change their thinking.

Changing the focus from how your body looks to the way you feel, your health, what your body needs, and the story your body tells helps many women move past their insecurities about their bodies. Embracing your physical abilities and strengths rather than focusing on the typical standards of beauty have empowered many women to talk openly about the depression and anxiety that they have faced as a result of being compared to unrealistic stereotypes. The pressure to be perfect driven by the media, cosmetic companies, and clothing designers has pushed women into feeling inferior because of their size and perceived imperfections.

Struggling with your self-image reaches into many aspects of your life, from crumbling feelings of self-worth to social anxiety to eating disorders. If you struggle with an eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, anxiety, or depression, Legacy Freedom can help. Our experienced staff knows that getting to the root of your feelings about yourself can help you overcome your anxiety, depression, or eating disorder. By understanding the basis for your feelings and actions, you can learn to cope in different and healthy ways.

Qualified Psychologist in Raleigh, NC At Legacy Freedom

Through one-on-one talk therapy with your psychologist in Raleigh, NC, you will begin to break down these old patterns of thinking and shift your focus towards positive and healthy acceptance of yourself. Our holistic approach to mental health care puts you at the center of your treatment plan, not your mental health.

We also believe in healing through alternative therapies. Our staff nutritionist and physical therapists will help you understand how to nourish your body through proper diet and exercise. With more than ten alternative treatments to choose from, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help you open up and work through old hurts and traumas that may be affecting the way you feel about yourself. Through therapies like equine-assisted therapy, acupuncture, and EMDR we have helped thousands of clients overcome their negative experiences to create a positive life.

What are you waiting for? Stop letting an eating disorder, anxiety, or depression keep you from living your best life. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today!

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