The Blessings of Mental Illness

Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NCLiving with a mental illness can be profoundly challenging. Whether you are dealing with the type of crushing depression that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning or you are too anxious in public to enjoy leaving the house, mental illness has the power to shape you into a unique and wonderful individual. Many people who live with mental illness on a daily basis have found that being mentally ill brings unexpected and precious gifts. If you need a mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom now.

The gift of appreciation. 
Feeling hopeless and invisible when you are depressed can make the days seem long, cruel and unforgiving. However, on the days when you're in an upswing or things are going well, you learn to appreciate those good moments more than you ever have before. Days when you get out of bed and experience joy and happiness are the days that remind you to be grateful for the good.

The gift of introspection.
Being able to look inside yourself and analyze your actions and thoughts in ways that most people do not because of your mood disorder, depression, or anxiety makes you incredibly self-aware. This skill is incredibly valuable and can help you make crucial decisions in multiple areas of your life.

The gift of empathy. 
When someone around you struggles with their own mental health, you are adequately prepared to help them with an empathetic ear or gentle reminders that they are more than their mental illness. After all, there is no one better to talk through a complicated subject like a mental illness with than someone who has already had that experience and understands your thoughts and feelings.

The gift of resilience. 
Navigating mental illness is challenging and scary. It can take months to find the right treatment for you and for you to overcome the issues that you are struggling with. However, those who refuse to give up on their therapy, their life, and their fight are some of the strongest and most admirable people out there. No one said living with mental illness was easy!

The gift of advocacy. 
Working together with those who are mentally ill and those who are not to dispel myths about mental illness and to shatter the ideas that those who are mentally ill are incapable is one of the greatest gifts of all. Challenge the public perception of what mental illness looks like and let the other qualities of your personality shine.

Reliable Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NC

Admitting you need a mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC, or that you have a mental illness takes bravery and courage. A stigma against those who require mental health care still exists in our society. Because of this stigma, many of those who need attention are unwilling to seek it. At Legacy Freedom, we know that asking for the help you need or admitting you may need mental health care can be frightening. Our dedicated team of skilled therapists and clinicians are here to make getting the care you need a positive and empowering experience. We utilize a holistic approach to mental health care which puts you at the center of your treatment plan, not your mental illness.

By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies like tai chi, yoga, acupuncture and equine assisted treatment, we can give you the tools you need to learn new coping skills, how to create healthy boundaries, and how to be your own mental health care advocate. With more than ten alternative therapies to choose from you're sure to find something to both pique your interest and meet your treatment goals at Legacy Freedom Charlotte. Call or click today to begin taking control of your mental health!


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