Is Binge-Watching Bad for Your Mental Health?

Counselor in Raleigh, NCBefore you settle in to stream away the weekend, there is something you should know. A recent study found that those who binge-watch TV series or movies tend to be among the most lonely and depressed. Researchers define binge-watching as viewing between two to six films or episodes in one sitting. This new study concluded that while holing up on a Friday night and finishing an entire series by Sunday afternoon may seem harmless, it can actually be a sign of a severe mental health problem. Are you looking for a qualified counselor in Raleigh, NC? Call Legacy right now. We care about you. Let us help.

Binge-watching involves intense, dedicated, and obsessive behaviors. These characteristics are most commonly associated with addictive behavior. Poor impulse control is a sign of overactive dopamine receptors in the brain. These chemicals activate the reward center and are driven by the same impulses as other addictions such as alcohol or drugs.

Problems with self-control were also observed in the study participants. Some viewers reported that, even though they had other important tasks to do, they were unable to stop selecting the next episode in the series. Lacking an inability to control this behavior suggests that you may have difficulty controlling your impulses in other areas of your life.

While watching an entire season of your favorite show won't make you depressed, lonely, or out of control, there may be a connection between this behavior and the emotional and psychological state of the person.

Researchers admit that more studies on the subject are needed. These findings have many people wondering about the cause and effect. Are you binge-watching because you are lonely and depressed? Is your binge-watching making you lonely and depressed?  Scientists don't have the answer yet.

If you're spending your weekends watching TV to avoid going to social events or to isolate yourself from your family and friends, you may be experiencing depression. Understanding where your depression comes from can be difficult. Legacy Raleigh can help you identify the source of your depression and overcome the feelings of worthlessness and loneliness that keep you streaming your favorite shows instead of going out.

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Our unique approach to mental health care puts you at the center of your treatment plan. In one-on-one talk therapy you will uncover the root of your depression and we will help you learn to cope with it in new and positive ways. Legacy Freedom also offers group therapy to help you find support among your peers as you work to overcome your depression. When you are away from our outpatient center the connections you make during group therapy can help you stay committed to your treatment goals.

Legacy Freedom also utilizes alternative therapy methods to help you learn new ways to cope and understand your feelings. Through therapies like equine-assisted therapy, inner child therapy, and EMDR you can confront and overcome old hurts and trauma that may be contributing to your depression.

Stop letting depression keep you in all weekend. Call or click to connect with compassionate and caring counselor in Raleigh, NC at Legacy Freedom today!

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