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Girl Stuffing With SpaghettiThank you for joining us in our continued look at binge eating disorder. Those who struggle with this disorder are faced with devastating health consequences as the result of their dangerous over eating. Seeking treatment for this and any other eating disorder can be difficult, but with the right support from friends and family and a great care team, this disorder is completely treatable. So, if you're searching for a therapist in Columbus, OH to help you overcome your eating disorder, trust Legacy Freedom. Call today to get the help you deserve.

More Information On Binge Eating Disorder

While eating disorders affect men and women differently, there are common characteristics between the sexes when it comes to the symptoms and triggers of binge eating disorder.

  • Social isolation - Those who struggle with eating disorders feel the need to isolate from friends and family. In the case of those who binge eat, they avoid social situations for multiple reasons. The most common reasons are that they wish to avoid comments about their weight or about how much they eat. Social isolation may also be tied to co-occurring conditions like anxiety or depression.
  • Social stigma - Fear of being ridiculed for admitting that they have an eating disorder, many who suffer from binge eating disorder never mention or acknowledge that there is a problem. This allows dangerous medical conditions to manifest and do more damage to their body.
  • Poor self-esteem - One of the biggest triggers for binge eating disorder is low self-esteem. Many of those who struggle with eating disorders were teased or bullied about their weight or appearance as children or teens.
  • Depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses - Many who binge eat suffer from co-occurring mental illnesses as a result of childhood trauma, domestic abuse, sexual assault, mental or emotional abuse. These contributing factors trigger binge eating behaviors and can make it difficult to treat the eating disorder if they are not addressed.
  • Guilt and shame - These feelings are triggered by the eating binge or are related to the eating habits and behaviors associated with the eating disorder. Comments by others may fuel these feelings and increase the frequency of the binges in order to numb the negative emotions.

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The Right Therapist in Columbus, OH For Your Eating Disorder

Legacy Freedom of Columbus knows that living with an eating disorder is a daily struggle. Whether you are male or female, getting the help you need to manage your binge eating is crucial for your health. Our holistic approach to mental health and eating disorders puts you at the center of the treatment plan, not your binge eating. We believe in treating the whole person, mind, body, and spirit.

Our care team will help you create a care plan tailored to your needs. We utilize traditional one-on-one talk therapy to help you get to the cause of your eating disorder. Identifying why you feel the need to binge eat and helping you learn to cope in a healthy way with those feelings. Group therapy connects you with those who are on the road to healing their eating disorders as well. Peer support is crucial for continuing your recovery away from our outpatient facility. Legacy Freedom also offers alternative programs which are designed to help you learn healthy boundaries, coping skills, and how to confront deep seeded issues. Through therapies like inner child work, adventure therapy, EMDR, and equine therapy, your care team will help you grow and learn to overcome your eating disorder. Our clients also have access to an on-staff dietician and physical therapist.

Your eating disorder doesn't have to control your life. Take back control with Legacy Freedom and our unique approach to mental health. Call or click to connect with a qualified therapist in Columbus, OH that can trust!


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