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Therapists in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our continuing series on anorexia nervosa. In our previous post, we examined the signs, symptoms, and causes that are associated with anoxeria. One of the most common misconceptions about anorexia is that it is a woman's issue. In fact, men and women both struggle with eating disorders, anorexia nervosa included. Let's take a closer look. If you're searching for therapists in Columbus, OH, to help you battle anorexia, be sure to call Legacy Freedom.

The distressing fact is that eating disorders in men are becoming more frequent and more deadly. With the increasing popularity of male fitness competitions and more men competing in competitive sports, anorexia is becoming more prevalent. For many men, a few pounds may be the difference between qualifying to compete and being disqualified from a meet or match altogether.

The focus on the participant's weight in sports like boxing, wrestling, rowing, diving, and others has turned the focus from a healthy athletic physique to meeting a specific number on a scale. As a result, male athletes are desperate to shed pounds quickly to 'make weight'. For athletes who are always pushing their bodies to perform, weakening their body by starving it of valuable nutrition is extremely dangerous. Anorexia deprives the body's essential systems of the proper nutrients and forces the cardiovascular system to work overtime. As an athlete pushes his body to the limit, his already weakened cardiovascular system becomes overloaded. This can lead to a heart attack or even sudden cardiac death.

The public stigma that anorexia is a woman's disease has prevented many men from speaking out about their struggles with this disorder. That makes it difficult for doctors and researchers to know just how many men are dealing with this condition. It is important to understand that men face just as many social pressures about their bodies as women do. Anorexia is being diagnosed in males who are as young as eight years old, and the pressure to obtain physical perfection is just beginning at that age. Teenage boys struggle with looking a certain way to attract girls and the pressures never stop.

Qualified Therapists in Columbus, OH For Treating Anorexia

If you, or a man you love, are struggling with anorexia or any other eating disorder, you don't have to face it alone. The highly trained staff at Legacy Freedom is specially trained to help men with eating disorders overcome their underlying or co-occurring issues and put their eating disorder behind them for good. Through our holistic approach to mental health, we treat the whole person, not just their eating disorder.

Your care team will help you devise a care plan that focuses on you and your needs. Together with your therapist, you will engage in one-on-one sessions that will help you identify where your eating disorder originates from. Whether it comes from untreated depression or anxiety, has occurred in response to trauma, bullying, or low self esteem, we can help you identify and overcome these issues to resolve your eating disorder. Group therapy helps you connect with peers who share the same struggles and can provide support outside our outpatient facility.

Legacy Freedom of Columbus is proud to offer our clients access to our staff dietician and physical therapist. Proper nutrition and safe exercise practices are key to achieving a healthy balance and learning new habits as you work to overcome your eating disorder. More than ten alternative therapies are available to you as a way to challenge yourself and tap into deeper feelings. Choose from yoga, tai chi, adventure therapy, equine therapy and more. Your care team will help you choose the right therapy for your interests and your therapeutic needs.

Stop struggling with your eating disorder. Find the help and support you need with our therapists in Columbus, OH, at Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect today!

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