Anger in the Athlete

From fist fights on the ice to sucker punches in the end zone, the world of professional sports has been spotlighted for the excessive violence among its athletes both on and off the field. Murder, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, these are just a few of the charges that NFL players have racked up in the last few years. What makes professional athletes more prone to violence? Some athletes claim that it makes them perform better or that it motivates them to get up and work out for hours before practice starts. If you're looking for help with anger issues, call Legacy Freedom. We offer alternative therapy in Columbus, OH.

Studies have shown that some athletes can use their anger to motivate them or give them a burst of energy to power through a tough game or a challenging workout, but other athletes were unable to use their anger effectively. Instead, these athletes used their anger used their energy negatively.

When asked what causes them to feel angry, many top performers shared that critics, teammates, and coaches doubting them and their performance on the field of play drove their anger. Many are driven by the stigma that they won't make it to the big leagues or that they won't be successful. The expectation of failure creates anger that motivates them enough to get to the next level. However, once they have made it, many athletes are unable to let that anger go. Instead of leaving that anger on the field or putting it behind them, many superstars turn their anger towards their family and friends.

Anger can be a reasonable and healthy emotion. Expressing frustration and irritation is an unavoidable part of life, but when that anger crosses the line from being an occasional state to a constant emotion, an anger problem is born. With their judgment clouded by anger, athletes who turn their aggression towards the people they love often find themselves arrested or abandoned by spouses who are tired of being a punching bag and children who want nothing to do with a rage-filled parent.

If your anger is affecting your relationships with the people you love, let Legacy Freedom help. Our staff has experience helping thousands of clients overcome their anger issues and put their rage behind them. Chronic anger is an unhealthy response to situations. As children, we develop our coping mechanisms. If you were raised in an environment where the primary emotion or the response to stress or other upsetting situations was anger, then that shapes your coping mechanisms as an adult.

The Best Therapy in Columbus, OH For Anger Issues

Our holistic approach to mental health therapy in Columbus, OH creates a care plan that is tailored to your needs. Together with your therapist, you will work one-on-one to discover the underlying causes and triggers of your anger. Alternative therapies are used to help you learn to confront and overcome your anger through new and healthy coping mechanisms. Learning to be present, mindful, and allowing your feelings of anger or rage to pass is a big step towards taking control of your anger.

Many mental health professionals can promise you results, but only Legacy Freedom in Columbus has the most comprehensive approach to healing your mind, body, and spirit. Don't let your anger isolate you and control your life. Connect with our care team today and begin your journey to healing.

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