Addiction Prevention Family Plan – Part 3

Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OHThanks for joining us for the final post in this series. If you're new to the discussion, this series focuses on how to develop a addiction prevention plan for your family. To recap, part one served as an overview to the series, part two covered the positive things to do for your plan, and today we will dive more in depth to cover the don'ts as well as conclude the series.

Finally, we are going to break down all the negative things that you should not do to keep your family safe. These are known as "the don'ts."

The Don'ts

Do not wait to have the drug and drinking talk!

Don’t procrastinate having the drug and drinking talk with your child. We suggest having multiple conversations with your kids as they get older starting when they are in the 5th grade or so. When they are between 10 and 11 years old, they are very well aware of the outside world, as well as actions and consequences. This makes now the perfect time to really get them started with understanding the serious side effects of risky behavior. Show them the difference between good and bad behavior, and even point out the differences between candy, prescription medications, and illicit drugs. Make sure they know to never eat or drink candy, use pills, or accept drinks from people they do not know, as well. Arm them with knowledge.

Do not be unreliable with discipline and rewards!

Do not be inconsistent with how you punish and reward your children. When you are unreliable in your actions, versus what you say, you enable bad behavior. When your child needs to be punished, follow through and do not waiver. Do not change your mind an hour later and give them back their privileges. You have to stick to your guns, regardless of the circumstance. The same goes when your child deserves a reward. Do not take away a chance to encourage your child because they made you angry the day before. Remember, you're the adult.

Do not be inconsistent about drug and alcohol use!

Make sure your kids know where you stand. You have to lead by example and be clear with your stance on drug use and drinking. Do not smoke and drink if you do not want your children to smoke and drink. Do not invite people over to your home that are known to use illegal drugs, or constantly get drunk. If you have to keep alcohol, and even prescription drugs in your house, keep them locked up and well accounted for. Take inventory and be armed with knowledge. Most of all, keep your message consistent.

Do not ignore the early warning signs of risky behavior!

Do not be blinded by the love you have for your child when it comes to monitoring their safety. Some parents live in a state of denial when it comes to their kid's behavior. Do not be those parents. It's OK to trust your kids if they have earned it, but you still deserve a right to know what's going on in their lives. This includes monitoring their mental and physical health, eating problems, self-esteem and confidence levels, online and cellphone activity, schoolwork, and other positive and negative behaviors. Know their friends, their friends's parents, and anyone else that they like to hang out with.

Do not hesitate to get help from our Columbus OH drug rehab center!

If you find that your child has an issue with addiction problems, do not wait until it's too late to get help. You do not have to be embarrassed and think that you failed as a parent. As a matter of fact, postponing the decision to get help for your child, so that you feel better about yourself, can be a fatal and selfish decision. When you think your child has a problem with drugs or alcohol, test them. You can buy over the counter drug and alcohol testing kits at your local pharmacy.

Affordable Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH for Teens

If your teenager needs help with substance abuse, get them the help they need by calling Legacy Freedom of Columbus. We offer an alternative and holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH. Do not let another day go by watching your child suffer from their addiction, call us today and let us help.

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