Even More Myths About Addiction

drug rehab in columbusAs the top facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, we hear a lot myths about addiction and substance abuse. That's why we've been bringing attention to these issues over the course of our last few blog posts. If you're new to this series, we're myth busting falsehoods about addiction problems.

In part one, we talked about stereotypes and other myths. Click the link below to go back and read part one:

In the second part, we covered the myth about natural drugs being harmless, high-functioning addicts, and more. Read it here:

Today we are going to round out the series with even more myths. If you are searching for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH that really works, start by calling Legacy Freedom. You'll love our affordable and alternative outpatient treatment programs.

Even More Myths About Addiction

Drug Addiction Is Worse Than Alcohol abuse

Another myth that we see and hear of is that having an addiction to drugs is worse than suffering from alcohol abuse. This is mainly because alcohol is legal and most of the abused drugs are illegal. This is not true as alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances a person can be addicted to. In reality, all addictions are bad for your body and all cause different health problems over time.

You can also get into just as much legal trouble by drinking heavily, especially if you get caught drinking and driving.

You Cannot Get Addicted To Prescription Medicine

Just because a doctor prescribes you medicine does not mean it is addiction resistant. There's lots of prescription pain killers, and other drugs, that can prove to be dangerous to your sobriety, especially if abused or used for too long of a time period.

There's Only One Type Of Rehab, And It's Boring

Some addiction treatment centers utilize a "one shoe fits all" approach to addiction recovery, but not Legacy Freedom. We offer several different types of alternative programs with our alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH. All of our substance abuse treatments are drug-free and holistic in nature. We customize each program for each patient as we don't believe in cookie-cutter treatment plans.

Legacy Freedom is also an outpatient treatment center. We let you be at home with your family so you do not feel locked away like a prisoner.

We hope this series have help you see the truths behind all of these addiction myths so you can get the help you need. If you're ready to make that next step toward sobriety, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help you.

Dependable Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus OH Starts with Legacy

Do you want to break the chains of a drug or alcohol addiction? Legacy Freedom Treatment Center in Columbus, OH can help. We have custom programs designed to fit your specific needs. Our substance abuse counselors understand that you cannot resolve a problem with a drug or alcohol addiction overnight. We offer outpatient therapy to help you recover from your substance abuse problems in a safe, caring environment. Our holistic approach to alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus will show you ways to live life without the crutch of an addiction holding you back. Call us today to get the help you need so you can get back on track to a happier, healthy, sober life.

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