Are You Addicted to the Lifestyle?

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCOne of the most difficult challenges that addicts face when it comes time to get and stay sober is walking away from the lifestyle associated with using drugs or alcohol to excess. Whether you're addicted to the feeling of chasing your next high or the freedom from working a regular job that dealing drugs gives you, walking away from the lifestyle surrounding drug or alcohol addiction can be just as hard as giving up your drug of choice. While many around you may see your addiction as black and white, the reality is starkly different. You may want to give up the drinking or using but not be able to tear yourself away. Overcoming your addiction is about more than just abstaining from drinking or taking drugs, it's about learning to live a whole new lifestyle. If you need help with addiction of any kind, call Legacy Freedom for quality drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC.

So why is walking away from the lifestyle surrounding drug and alcohol use so difficult? Multiple factors play into a person's desire to stay in the cycle of using, partying, or dealing. Many of these are related to the addict's personality. Most of those who are addicted to the party scene areĀ fun loving, outgoing, and very extroverted. The party scene appeals to the social nature of these types, and while they may not need to drink or use to get the party started, it helps lower their inhibitions even further. Tearing up the town with friends, bar hopping, party crashing, and living life with a carefree attitude is exciting and fun. However, the drug and alcohol addictions that come along with this lifestyle are anything but.

Being included in a social group that allows an addict to use to excess without judgment feeds their addiction. The lifestyle will enable them to use without feeling guilty about their addiction. Among their partying friends they aren't viewed as an addict, they are just someone out to have a good time. Many addicts pull away from friends and family who are not in this lifestyle as a way to avoid conversations or accusations about their addiction. When confronted about their substance abuse or their partying ways, many addicts have excuses for why they aren't productive or are unable to grasp the repercussions of their actions on themselves, their children, their spouses, family or friends. For quality drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC, Legacy Freedom can help.

Most addicts have personality traits that are indicative of their issues. These traits and behaviors can help you clue in to whether someone you love may be struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These characteristics include:

  • Shifting the Blame: Those with addictions are unable to be responsible or accountable for their behaviors. This works well within the partying lifestyle. They can blame overspending, missing work, relationship issues, and legal troubles on others or avoid theĀ conversations about these problems altogether.
  • Constant Lying: Lying and shifting blame work together to create the addict's reality. Becoming trapped in their own denial feeds the cycle of blame and denial which furthers their addiction.
  • Manipulative Behavior: Manipulating those they love and care about to conceal or further their addiction is one of the most common traits among addicts. Professing love, making promises, and other manipulative tactics are used to gain trust, money, and control the situation and its outcome in their favor.
  • Poor Impulse Control: Whether they spend their rent money on drugs or booze or are unable to stop using long enough to go to work or pick up their children from school, addicts cannot control their cravings. The partying lifestyle feeds this poor impulse control by allowing the addict to continue using in the company of those who aren't telling him or her that there is a problem.
  • Adrenaline Junkie: Constantly seeking a new rush or thrill often leads to experimentation with drugs or alcohol. Pushing to see how far they can go and finding new ways to get the rush they need makes this part of an addict's personality especially difficult to overcome. Dealing drugs, party hopping, hooking up with strangers, and scoring drugs all feed the need for an adrenaline rush.

Being aware of these traits and tendencies can help you avoid being manipulated by someone you love. For more on preventing manipulation by an addict, see our previous post. If you have a substance abuse problem, get affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC with Legacy Freedom.

drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NCFor addicts that turn to drug dealing as a way to support their habit, the danger of becoming addicted to that lifestyle is unfortunately all too real. Dealing drugs feeds an addict's need for an adrenaline rush. It also gives them a false sense of freedom and offers an escape from reality. Manipulating people to use, buy, or even sell for them fuels the addict even further. The combination of easy access to drugs as well as the power and rush that comes from dealing can further an addict's addiction or introduce them to new harder or more dangerous drugs.

The dangers don't stop at the addition of new drugs. Risking their well-being and their life to buy and sell drugs puts the addict in dangerous situations that open them up for serious injury, legal troubles, incarceration or even death. Those who live on the outside of this lifestyle can clearly see the dangers that it poses. However, the addict is caught in another cycle. Feeding the need for an adrenaline rush and maintaining their addiction become the priority over safety and well-being.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NC You Can Depend On

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or the lifestyle, Legacy Freedom of Wilmington can help. We understand that breaking the cycles and leaving behind a way of life that has come to be your standard is both difficult and terrifying. You don't have to stay in this lifestyle. You can get out. Your journey towards changing your life and becoming sober begins with asking for help and reaching out to the professional staff at Legacy Freedom.

We are not a twelve step program. Our treatment center utilizes a holistic approach to treating substance abuse. For those who have found themselves addicted to opiates, Legacy Freedom offers Medication Assisted Treatment in partnership with holistic therapy to provide an alternative for treating opiate addiction. No matter which path to healing you choose, you will have a dedicated Life-Purpose coach and care team to help you along the way.

By combining traditional talk therapy to get to the root of your addiction, group therapy, and alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom focuses on treating you as a whole person. Your addiction and the lifestyle you are accustomed to don't have to control you. Your journey to healing and sobriety begins today with a call to Legacy Freedom.

Stop using, start living!


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